A Limit of

One box or Two Bags

per customer per week


Sorry, but we will not be accepting items that we cannot sell in the store.

Be sure to review our donation accepting guidelines below.  Thank you.



The Booktique gratefully accepts your gently-used

books, vinyl (LPs), CDs, and Blu-Ray

You can bring your donations to either of our two locations: 4 Monroe Pkwy Ste. D and 380 A Ave., Ste. B

What items can I donate?

Books for all ages in good condition
CDs, Blu-rays
Vinyl (LPs) & Puzzles

What happens to my items?

The money we raise from selling donated materials

goes to the library to pay for library programs including

LO Reads, Summer Reading, Music in the Stacks, Books for Babies, and more.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, they are, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We can give you a receipt for your donation.


What items should I not bring for donation?

Sorry, but we do not accept books which are damaged,

have no covers, are underlined, highlighted or in poor condition;

magazines, VHS tapes, or cassette tapes.


Please do not leave items when the store is closed.


Thank you for your cooperation, and for your donations!